Boiler Installation Crediton

Get Experienced Boiler Installation Service in Crediton

Why Choose Plumber Crediton for Boiler Installation?

Experienced Local Engineers

Our Gas Safe registered plumbers have specialized training in boiler installations and have been serving the Crediton area for over 15 years.

Professional Installation

We follow best practices for safe, neat boiler installations, including proper positioning, condensate drainage, flue setup, pipework, and more.

Quality Equipment

We work with the best boiler brands on the market and provide options to suit your budget and needs, whether combi, conventional or system.

Efficiency Expertise

Beyond just fitting your boiler, we can optimize the entire heating system for maximum efficiency and performance.

Reliable Aftercare

We handle all required inspections and maintenance to keep your new boiler running flawlessly for years to come.

Fully Certified

You’ll receive Building Regulations certification proving your boiler meets all current standards and codes.

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New Boiler Installation

We handle the entire boiler replacement process from start to finish:

System evaluation

First, we assess your existing system to determine the right type and size of new boiler required. This takes into account factors like square footage, number of radiators, and your hot water demands.

Boiler purchase

We’ll recommend reliable boiler models from leading brands like Worcester Bosch, Vailant, and Ideal and can supply one directly if needed.


Our engineers will install the new boiler professionally and safely, handling associated tasks like pipework, flue installation, and condensate drainage.

Testing & Commissioning

Once installed, the new boiler will undergo thorough testing and commissioning. This ensures all components are functioning optimally.


You’ll receive a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate certifying the boiler meets all required standards. We notify and file all paperwork with Gas Safe.

Boiler Installation Costs

Boiler installation costs can vary significantly based on boiler type, size, controls, and labour time. We provide free, no-obligation quotes outlining exactly what’s included so you know the full investment upfront. There are no hidden charges.

Signs You Need Boiler Installation Service in Crediton

Here are some signs that you may need boiler installation services in Crediton:

  • Frequent breakdowns – If your boiler is repeatedly breaking down and needing repair, it may be time for replacement. Breakdowns tend to increase with an aging boiler.
  • High energy bills – An inefficient, outdated boiler can waste energy and drive up heating costs. Installing a new energy-efficient model can save on monthly bills.
  • Rust/corrosion – Visible rusting and corrosion on a boiler system indicates it may be near the end of its useful lifespan and ready for replacement.
  • Problems heating water – If you have insufficient hot water for showers, dishes, etc., your boiler may be improperly sized or worn out. A new boiler can provide adequate hot water.
  • Faulty pilot light – If the pilot light keeps going out, it could signal issues with burner components that may warrant boiler replacement vs trying to repair an aging system.
  • Strange noises – Clanging, banging or hissing coming from the boiler can be signs of internal problems and signal the need for a new unit.
  • No spare parts – Boiler models eventually become obsolete. If the manufacturer no longer stocks parts, they won’t be available to repair it.
  • Upgrading home – When completing major renovations or construction on your home, it’s an optimal time to replace an old boiler even if still functioning.


We install a wide variety of boiler types including combi, system, and regular/conventional boilers. We’ll recommend the best one for your home’s specific needs.

Yes! We handle the building regulations notification, planning documents, and certification. We also register your new boiler with Gas Safe.

Typically 1-2 days depending on the amount of additional work needed like re-piping. We minimize disruption to your home or business.

Yes, we provide a minimum 1 year warranty on installation. Boiler manufacturers also typically offer warranties on parts.

Absolutely. We’ll remove and responsibly recycle your old boiler as part of the installation service.